Wednesday, July 02, 2008

secret knitting

At the moment I'm doing some secret knitting.
The secret is all to do with the Got You Covered swap over on Ravelry where each swap participant offers up two wishes: Something to cover the body, something to cover an object.
Most offered up the need for scarves or cuffs, a hat or three and arm-wrist warmers, while the objects range from hot water bottles to mp3 player covers, coffee and mug warmers and the like. It was supposed to be a smallish knit and a few goodies, to a maximum of around $30 plus postage.
A few scallywags have listed the desire for socks (!!!!) but fortunately my assigned swap parter was playing within the rules and asked for a _____. So I'm knitting away, trying to get it done by the weekend so I can get back to my Lady February Sweater which was stalled by the need to whip up a jumper for the snow.

So instead of a pic of knitting today I give you . . .

A strand of ivy. This was knitted from a jumper I recycled. It was handwash wool which was first knitted up, dyed with food colouring and then felted down.
The main part of the vine was knitted double with, from memory, eight stitches for the I-cord. The secondary tendrils were picked up from the main vine and knitted with a single yarn into a four stitch I-cord. The leaves were then knitted from the main strand.
Then I dyed it up using food colouring, using the tutorial I wrote for Yarn magazine so many years ago. What I'm going to do with I have no idea. It just hangs from the top of a book shelf.


TinkingBell said...

OOOOOh pretty!! That does look very nice indeed! Does it need to be something - or can it (very Zen here) just BE?

zephyrama said...

If one of the children wanted a jungle decorated room it may come in handy, but for now it does just BE.

kelebek }{ said...

I am glad I wasn't one of those scallywags, ehehe. I've been showing hubby what other people have been receiving and he firmly concluded, "yours is the best." I tied a string on top of the octopus and created a monster! Hermoine knows where I keep the toy and she goes to the bookcase, looks up and meows her pretty little head off until someone gets up and brings out the octopus to play with her!
Guess what I discovered, the bunny scarf works perfectly as a headband! Now I am totally decked out in Zephy gear!
I got some yarn from tinkingbell, along with another butterfly card. Now they are both happy next to each other on my fridge!