Thursday, February 28, 2008

when bags get dirty

You just make some more. I had to spend a few days in Sydney which mean lugging around reports and paperwork so I had to sew another bag. It's a simple bag, with a zip pocket on the outside that fits A4 folders, while inside is huge and roomy with plenty of room to stash a handbag and socks, not to mention all the other stuff I lugg around.
I gave it handles and an adjustable shoulder strap as well. It's nice and solid and stands up by itself.
The outside is bright printed cord from spotties, the inside is a thick thick 70s vintage swirly brown curtain material. I'm kicking myself that I didn't put in a reversible zip as the way I put it together means it is reversible.
Oh well, next time.

The other bags is a matching shoulder handbag and wrist clutch, once again made from vintage curtain material. Like the work bag, these can be thrown in the washing machine and they are fantastic. The shoulder bag is reversible, but this one has the same lining as the outside, the next one I make will feature different linings. I saw on Etsy a bag using jute that was the handle and so I headed to the shed, drew a few shapes and this is what I came up with. On the sides there are pleats to 'tighten' the top of the bag and give it more room inside. The bottom is also shaped so it is a roomy bag as well. I love these wrist clutches, easy to make and the zip is a heavy duty 70s number, it ain't going to break.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

roller derby

It seems that I have been going around and around in circles, having to put my elbows out to defend my patch, similar to roller derby, (go Jacinta) but definitely without the fun.
So things have slipped a bit, but I have managed to do a few things.
Like tax, well at least the 04-05 one, with the rest to be done on Friday, with the fella, so he will finally find out exactly how much I earn and it also means that the 04 05 return will be the last one I can just spend.
Well I used to use some of it wisely and splurge the rest, but now most will have to be spent wisely. Oh I hate this grown up thing.

But in other news, knitting is going well, almost finished a cardigan for myself although I'm no where near finishing any socks that were part of my Southern Summer of Socks mission.

The patonyle red and black socks are going along well and as I have several looong train trips ahead of me in the next week, not to mention day-long training sessions (yawn) I'm hoping to complete the pair by the end of the week.

Now I better head off and deal with the other taxes, then I have an order for some pants and I then have to start packing up the rest of the Teaspoon Awards that have to be sent out. Warning: Never give kids sticky tape. It creates a mess and much screeching when stuck in hair.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

red black

Here is some red black and a touch of purple patonyle that I dyed awhile ago.
It's come out nice and dark and is knitting beautifully into Groovy Socks, that favourite pattern from Sock Pixie.
It's a simple one row lace pattern, followed by a knit row. Simple and quick to grow.
Instead of dragging the last remaining sleeve to the markets to finish off, I took the balled up patonyle and cast on. But the day was so busy I only managed two inches of sock.

The plan is to drag it around with me this week to finish off at least one sock.
Rav details of the pattern here.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

raining again

Rain. Again. More. Lots more.
Which means I'm in the house, cause it is too wet to head outdoors to the laundry, plug in the power to the shed and then bolt to the other side of the yard to get to the shed.
Well that's my excuse.
So I'm planning an afternoon of knitting to finish a work cardigan, just one sleeve to finish and then the dreaded sewing together.

So rather than sit down and be disciplined I thought I'd better show what some of the shed work has been lately.

While most of the work has been orders lately, for fun I've done a few things for some special little people and as two of the pieces are in the house I thought I'd better post them.
The first is a little skirt made from 1960s cotton bedsheets. The sheets were bought years apart but match perfectly and neither looks like they have had much wear. Throw on a bit of red ric rak and viola, a swishy skirt. There is another swishy skirt that is hiding in the shed made from dainty flowered material, again matching but in different colours which will be sent with the orange and black skirt.

Then that yellow and black check stuff is an old chenille blanket sewn into a pair of longish shorts, complete with a drawstring for several year's wear. It will be sent to the same place as the swishy skirts, along with another 'boy' thing.

Then there was the tea cosy, which was finished a fortnight ago, but with all the rain it took days, and no joshing here, for the gum nuts and leaves to dry out.
It is so wet all the books are curling up, the windows are slimey and wet and my hair, well best not talk about my hair in this weather.