Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Finally got around to playing with the layout, colours and fonts. Prefer this one.
To the side is a link to my patterns.
Slowly I'm going to write up all the patterns that are in my battered notebook.
These are the scribbles that mean a pattern to me that no one else can read.
I'll try and set them out in a readable form, however, I'm assuming prior knitting knowledge and an understanding about various garment constructions, particularly socks. First off the rank is the Bliss socks.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Here are a pair of socks that have finally been given the handwash treatment.
They are made from DB baby cashmerino and have been thru the machine to be washed and dried several times.
But I wrestled them from the laundry lovin' man and hand washed them.
A bit of work had to be done to depill them, but they have managed to survive.
These are socks I wear with my Birks all the time, so I think the pilling is more to do with the socks than the washing.
Will post the pattern (including modified or longer stockingette toes, forgot about these toes until it was too late, but I wanted to wear as soon as possible so there are short, sharp toe decreases.
One sock a night, a quick knit.

EDITED to say: look to the sidebar on the right and click on the link to the 'pattern'.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

a party means work

I've been busy working out exactly what wool I have stashed in the shed, on the piano, hidden behind the lounge and crammed into my bookcases.
You see I've finally found the best way to keep track of what I have.
No more scraps of paper and good intentions of keeping track of wool purchases, let alone cataloguing the needles, you see, an invite to Ravelry turned up earlier this week and I've been working away on my profile, logging in wool as I remember it.
So far I haven't taken pics and have only put in a smidgen of my stash, let alone collated the needles, but already the possibilities that are Ravelry are clear.
I'll finally know what I have, down to the yardage thanks to Ravelry magic, so I won't be going out and buying wool for a project only to stumble across suitable yarn in the stash months down the track.
And the patterns, oh the patterns, and the work of other knitters.

Monday, August 20, 2007

new feet

Well the baby's socks are done and he loves wearing them, but I have to do some improvements with the next pair. He certainly needs more than 2 inches for the leg, and possibly the first two inches rib, the second down to the heel in straight stocking stitch to tighten it all up a bit.
But with 14gms used on each sock, I have enough from the original 50g ball to do another set, as long as I do contrast heels and toes.
Before I do new ones for him the Gal wants a pair of 'crocodile' scale socks. So I'm knocking these out in some wool I bought from Spotlight a while ago in muted greens, browns and a touch of yellow.
Now this yarn is a 75- 25 split and according to the ball band it is 8ply with 22 or 20 stitches with 4.5mm needles.
Considering I've managed to get 20 wpi with this yarn you have to wonder about the quality control at Spotties.
Anyway the yarn is working out well as a 'cheap' sock yarn option.
Out in the shed there has been a look of dust flying around as I cleaned it out and up.
End result, more room, I can use the table fully extended and work is so much easier.
So I whipped up a blanket for Susan the soon to be cloning member of our stitch and bitch.
As she has no idea about the gender of the impending arrival I've had to go for non gender specific colour combinations. And this is the best I could come up with.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

under the roof

Well the roof went on and then one-by-one the kids got sick. Seems I drove too close to the near by hospital that had to close wards off to visitors thanks to the dreaded gastro.
So no posting and little knitting. It's hard to knit away with a mumbling, feverish two-year-old on your lap for days.
But I have managed a bit.
Firstly a pair of Lavender Lace (Vogue Socks on the Go) in Lornas Laces shepherd sock in mineshaft colour way. Knit up on the new Knitpics needles, size 2.25mm. Only a bit of pooling, over the instep. These have been washed many times (including in the machine by accident) and are looking like firm favourites.
A quick and easy lace pattern, and with plenty of other muted LL colourways in the stash there may be a few more pairs soon.
The sock on the right of the picture is in Heritage Jigsaw, on 2.75mm based on one of the sock pixie free patterns.
I've always steered away from the Jigsaw's of the sock world because I don't like the self patterning yarn, but the simple stripes don't hurt my eyes too much and I'm loving the machine-dryer ability of the yarn.
Also going, some dark grey socks (again for me) knitted on 2.25mm (knitpicks) based on the Charade pattern which is floating around.
These are being done with some Bendigo Mills sock yarn that I bought many years ago at a Sydney craft fair at Darling Harbour for the ridiculous price of $3 for a 50g ball.
Already one sock has been grafted and with my changes to the stitch count and using smaller needles (this yarn would be perfect on 2.75 or 3's) I've managed to come up with a nice dense sock, perfect for wearing with the Redbacks.
Although I don't like the patterning yarn, I found one lone 50g ball of Patonyle in pale blues in the 'shed' the other night. Then the next day Jar Jar (the youngest) discovered a hole in his Bob the Builder socks.
"Broken sock, oh no," he said as he ripped it off and gave it to me with my sock needle case, obviously wanting me to knit it back together.
So with 14gm a sock for him he will get 1 pair complete and another pair with some contrast heels and toes. I'm doing 48 stitches on 2.75, but a 2x2 rib all down the leg and foot so he will get some wear out of them.