Wednesday, August 15, 2007

under the roof

Well the roof went on and then one-by-one the kids got sick. Seems I drove too close to the near by hospital that had to close wards off to visitors thanks to the dreaded gastro.
So no posting and little knitting. It's hard to knit away with a mumbling, feverish two-year-old on your lap for days.
But I have managed a bit.
Firstly a pair of Lavender Lace (Vogue Socks on the Go) in Lornas Laces shepherd sock in mineshaft colour way. Knit up on the new Knitpics needles, size 2.25mm. Only a bit of pooling, over the instep. These have been washed many times (including in the machine by accident) and are looking like firm favourites.
A quick and easy lace pattern, and with plenty of other muted LL colourways in the stash there may be a few more pairs soon.
The sock on the right of the picture is in Heritage Jigsaw, on 2.75mm based on one of the sock pixie free patterns.
I've always steered away from the Jigsaw's of the sock world because I don't like the self patterning yarn, but the simple stripes don't hurt my eyes too much and I'm loving the machine-dryer ability of the yarn.
Also going, some dark grey socks (again for me) knitted on 2.25mm (knitpicks) based on the Charade pattern which is floating around.
These are being done with some Bendigo Mills sock yarn that I bought many years ago at a Sydney craft fair at Darling Harbour for the ridiculous price of $3 for a 50g ball.
Already one sock has been grafted and with my changes to the stitch count and using smaller needles (this yarn would be perfect on 2.75 or 3's) I've managed to come up with a nice dense sock, perfect for wearing with the Redbacks.
Although I don't like the patterning yarn, I found one lone 50g ball of Patonyle in pale blues in the 'shed' the other night. Then the next day Jar Jar (the youngest) discovered a hole in his Bob the Builder socks.
"Broken sock, oh no," he said as he ripped it off and gave it to me with my sock needle case, obviously wanting me to knit it back together.
So with 14gm a sock for him he will get 1 pair complete and another pair with some contrast heels and toes. I'm doing 48 stitches on 2.75, but a 2x2 rib all down the leg and foot so he will get some wear out of them.

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