Saturday, August 25, 2007

a party means work

I've been busy working out exactly what wool I have stashed in the shed, on the piano, hidden behind the lounge and crammed into my bookcases.
You see I've finally found the best way to keep track of what I have.
No more scraps of paper and good intentions of keeping track of wool purchases, let alone cataloguing the needles, you see, an invite to Ravelry turned up earlier this week and I've been working away on my profile, logging in wool as I remember it.
So far I haven't taken pics and have only put in a smidgen of my stash, let alone collated the needles, but already the possibilities that are Ravelry are clear.
I'll finally know what I have, down to the yardage thanks to Ravelry magic, so I won't be going out and buying wool for a project only to stumble across suitable yarn in the stash months down the track.
And the patterns, oh the patterns, and the work of other knitters.

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