Monday, August 20, 2007

new feet

Well the baby's socks are done and he loves wearing them, but I have to do some improvements with the next pair. He certainly needs more than 2 inches for the leg, and possibly the first two inches rib, the second down to the heel in straight stocking stitch to tighten it all up a bit.
But with 14gms used on each sock, I have enough from the original 50g ball to do another set, as long as I do contrast heels and toes.
Before I do new ones for him the Gal wants a pair of 'crocodile' scale socks. So I'm knocking these out in some wool I bought from Spotlight a while ago in muted greens, browns and a touch of yellow.
Now this yarn is a 75- 25 split and according to the ball band it is 8ply with 22 or 20 stitches with 4.5mm needles.
Considering I've managed to get 20 wpi with this yarn you have to wonder about the quality control at Spotties.
Anyway the yarn is working out well as a 'cheap' sock yarn option.
Out in the shed there has been a look of dust flying around as I cleaned it out and up.
End result, more room, I can use the table fully extended and work is so much easier.
So I whipped up a blanket for Susan the soon to be cloning member of our stitch and bitch.
As she has no idea about the gender of the impending arrival I've had to go for non gender specific colour combinations. And this is the best I could come up with.

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