Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Yes, it is almost my blogversary, or is it bloganniversary. Doesn't matter, but it is almost here. And so is another anniversary in my life, whoops, two special ones in fact.

But back to the reason for the blog.
Creating. Yes there has been plenty, but for the moment, none that can be shown. Yes I'm still-a-secret knitting. But a week off and plenty of knitting and sewing time has meant more time for other things as I don't have to deal with that pesky day job as well.

Biscuits have been made, shows have been caught up on. I've managed to watch series three of the Mighty Boosh. Oh Vince, how I love thee. How I love your hair, your clothing.

So off I go back to secret-knitting. But I'll leave you with a photograph of my second ever sock.


Taueret said...

second *ever*? really? That's funny, I thought you did socks. That is a super cute second sock, btw.

zephyrama said...

well ever sort of. Didn't bother doing the matching sock, it was the start of the SSS. (second sock syndrome)

TinkingBell said...

Cute!!!! So little! Love the Boosh - must get hold of DVDs and watch in order (we dropped in and out and missed bits and forgot....) But I did like it - Happy Blogiversary (I just had mine too!)

Emerald Arts said...

Good to hear ;) He is so very very hot. I haven't been this obsessed with a fictional British character since Horatio Hornblower, and Vince has much nice hair.