Sunday, June 29, 2008

a quick costume change

It is done.
A jumper to wear to the snow.
Cast on after snb on Monday night. (yes I took the needles and the pattern, but forgot the wool)
Knitted like mad, finished the following Tuesday night. Seamed on the Thursday night.
Made a hat to match on the Saturday, then cast on for a deeper version of the Brangelina cap.
He's happy and now I can get back to my knitting.

Merino Spun, six balls. 6mm needles. Suggested tension was 16 stitches with 6mm. I got 14 stitches but the fabric was still dense.
About 34 inches.
Knit in the round to armholes, divided and then short row shoulders and a three needle bind off. Sleeves in the round until sleeve cap. Minimal seaming.

And in the photograph you can see evidence that Foat boy is no longer a child. We went and bought him his first pair of eight hole Docs the other week. For the past few years he has been destroying a pair of shoes in three months or less, even Blunnies and Redback boots so we took the plunge. Pretty cool for Year 6.
The worst bit is that they are the same size as I wear and he has already been caught coveting my cherry eight holes. I think however, he will be turning down the opportunity to wear my purple boots, not to mention my patent black ones.


TinkingBell said...

I want Docs too - will you adopt me?

jp said...

I'm with tink.

In regards to coveting mum's shoes..tell him they have girl germs or mum germs whichever makes him run faster.

Taueret said...

what size docs do you all wear? also, you knit fast. also, snow is icky.

zephyrama said...

Hey, tink, you can come and live up here and I'll take up residence in your fine house.
As for the shoes, 4s, although my stomping (gig) boots were 5s so I could wear a few layers of socks.

dyoung said...

hey, 8ups are for posers.