Thursday, May 29, 2008

mum i need a costume for tomorrow

Well it wasn't that bad, I had a few days notice that I had to make a lizard costume for a play. Not just any lizard, a blue tongue lizard.

So I headed into the shed and last night pulled out some olive chenille and made pants, a shirt (forget buttons I needed quick velcro action), a head piece and webbed mittens. Add a few eyes and a blue tongue to the head piece and Zgal become a blue tongue lizard.

Just in case the audience can't see the blue chenille, she is sucking on a blueberry lollipop to turn her own tongue blue for tonight's performance.


Emerald Arts said...

Oh that costume is just too cool, especially loving the little padded feet... sort of half blue tongue, half gecko :)

amanda j said...

Soooo cute! You are very clever.

fitknit said...

Just gorgeous!