Wednesday, May 07, 2008

b'day gal

There is a birthday in the house. And she's excited cause she is seven on the seventh.
And as usual the princess in the middle has been spoilt. Wrapped up ready to be opened after cake tonight is some Meccano. She already has her new DS Lite on charge and will no doubt be opening more presents from T (uncle) and grandparents tonight.

And then there is the bowling party on Saturday. Spoilt, yes, is there anything I can do to tame her Dad, no.

You may notice a lone top front tooth in this pic, well she managed to wiggle it so much that she lost it the day before.

"Guess what Mummy, I'm a song, it's All I Want For Christmas Is My"

you can sing the rest.

As for knitting, almost finished the daycare jumper for the fella and the Jet cardi I have been knitting in secret for the Zgal will be finished for the party. Hopefully.


fitknit said...

Happy Birthday Princess in the Middle! You enjoy...and make sure your parents know all about if you don't!!!!

Taueret said...

that is definitely a birthday tongue.

TinkingBell said...

Great tongue - and a very happy birthday!!!!
Have fun with the knitting! (and with Colourmart!)