Friday, January 04, 2008

a three hour drive to get to a real yarn store

I finally managed to gather together most of the sock yarn purchases from the past couple of weeks.
A lot of the yarns bought were ones I've read about and seen on blogs but had never touched in person.
While some are happy to buy without touching, squishing and yes, sniffing, I'm not, particularly considering the cost of the yarn and then the postage on top.

I can't just go to a yarn store and buy sock yarn. Patonyle yes, but it's an hour round trip at least. I've had people tell me to stop being upset about Patonyle being discontinued as there are so many lovely hand dyed sock yarns available in yarn stores.
There might be where they live, but it is a three plus hour drive to get to the closest store that stocks anything coming close to a hand dyed yarn. In fact that same store would also be the closest store that is a yarn store, not a quilt, beading, fabric, clothing store, that has put up a stand of ACS in the corner.

But my lust for sock yarn and my need to try other yarns without wasting money on unfortunate purchases has been solved. A lot of this yarn (barring the Ranco and knittery) was bought via Ravelry in the trades and swaps, which means heavily discounted and decent postage costs from overseas. Yes I can have some Jitterbug socks for less than a pair of Patonyle, ditto for the KPPM, Cherry Tree Hill, Wildfoote and that's all delivered to my door I don't have a huge drive on my hands either.

So now I'll begin the process of finding out if I like these particular yarns, if they stand up to the various reviews around the place.
So in this little pile of merino goodness are two hanks of Jitterbug (bottom aqua and left side pinks and red). The KPPM is in the tuxedo colourway on the bottom left, then there is some Brown Sheep lime green, some purple variegated Knit Picks and some Skacel stretch. Hidden somewhere else is a heap of Regia and I also bought more Knittery and three Rancos in a brick red, variegated purple and solid grey. The top is already caked and ready to be cast on Cherry Tree Hill which I don't mind at all, having already scored some a few years ago.

Now if I like any of these previously exotic I won't have any qualms in handing over cash at online stores, but I have to try them first and this is an easy and cheap way to do it. So far none of the deals have gone sour, I've trusted the seller and all has been good.

And then there is the Noro sock yarn. Yes it is scratchy and feels tough and seems incredibly thin, despite this extreme closeup making the yarn look plump.

But before I start knitting there are a few other pairs that have to be finished.

In other sock news, I no longer have to the 20th to finish my grandmother's socks. Yesterday my mother had 'the call' and had to scramble to get the first available flight to Manchester. The earliest is this Monday, so I doubt I can finish anything by then and I do hope grandma manages to hang on, the mind is sharp as a tack even thou she is in her 90s, but the body is old.


fitknit said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. I hope your Mum's travel goes well.

spiraling said...

I have some of the jitterbug, I recently received it in a swap. It's well down the list of projects in my queue, but I'd like to hear how it goes.

I seem to recall something about the skeins being short? Something like that.

Hope your grandmother is ok!

TinkingBell said...

Soory about your grandma - can I come and roll in your socks stash? I buy on the word of others and my next round (when my credit card is nursed back to health) will involve some Dream in Color, Yarn Pirate and STR! Of course an extra 10 hours in a day and 3 extra pairs of arms would come in handy too!

zephyrama said...

I've got Yarn Pirate, a nice definite twist to it, just like the jitterbug has. And STR and Blue Moon Ravens are next.

Grandma is in her 90s and clear of mind and knowing her, when she wants to go is when she will.

thanks for all the thoughts.

Bells said...

oh I'm sorry about your grandma - those calls are awful.

Great way to indulge in stash enhancement. You've got some scores!

jp said...

3 hours from a real yarn store...I am not sure I could survive with as much grace as you.

Sending you good thoughts for your grandmother.

Storm Angel said...

Ohh hope your Grandma is fine and it was just a hiccup in life. In her 90's huh? You need to live longer than that to use up your stash :)
I'm still doing a damn sock, what the hell was I thinking??