Sunday, August 17, 2008

bossed around the lady

Ages ago I finished the February Lady Sweater, a grown up version of the Zimmerman February Baby Sweater.
She was done with some Bendigo Cameo (an angora mix) in purple and was so soft and cuddly.
While this design looks better with negative ease, I did the size up from me as this is an over everything sweater for work. I have one of those offices which always seems to be frosty, even in the height of summer, so I wanted something to swing on over the top of everything else.

But after a quick steam block when she was finished she grew and grew and grew.
So much in fact that the 3/4 sleeves ended up around my fingers, the body grew and grew and the neck line was slipping off the shoulders.

And the Cameo pilled, well more than pilled, she DREADLOCKED.

So I picked her clean, washed her, rolled her up in a towel and literally stomped on her to get as much water out as possible and spread her out to dry. Then when she was almost dry popped her into the dryer on a gentle setting to boss her around again.
And the end result is even better than when I first steam blocked her.

Yes the fabric is a bit thicker, but still as soft. The lace pattern isn't as open (definitely not as open as it was after a week or so wear when everything stretched) but it is still there and looks lovely and lacy and as you can see from the photo above, she ain't that bad at all.

And the best bit, the fabric itself doesn't seem to look like it wants to pill up any more.

Now her sleeves are back at the height I wanted, the length is shorter on the body and the neckline looks like it will stay put.

Sometimes it is worth bossy around a finished garment.

Because I loved the thrill of making something for me so much I've already cast on for Growing Roots (rav link) in some Cascade 220 heathers and Loppem in some Tapestry Craft 12 ply.

Both have stalled again as the boys are heading to Canberra and Jar needs a vest or two so I'm whipping up a heap in some cheapo Moda Vera Trifle (12 stitches for 10cm quick).


TinkingBell said...

Oh Zeph - it looks absolutely great!!!! Love the colour and the buttons - but so many other things calling to me - the FLS is still there though!

spiraling said...

Love it, it's perfect, and I LOVE the colour. Yum!

Taueret said...

it's AWESOME. I have this queued but wasn't sure... sold!

Donni said...


Bells said...

it looks SO good. Just beautiful! And what a way to get it to how you wanted it. that's inspired!

Emerald Arts said...

Looks fabulous. Man, I love your writing style. Who else could personify an item of clothing like that ;)

sweetp said...

Oh your FLS is just gorgeous. Love the 'bossing her around' story! said...

Your FLS is gorgeous. I'm making one for my daughter - about your size.
Can you tell me how long the back is from the neckline to the bottom of the hem?
And, did you do anything to the sleeves?
Thanks, Margaret